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You talk to Greg, his money flies away, blah blah blah. So then you go to the beach place and go on the trash can to try and get the key chain. Then give it to the guy with the metal detector. He'll give it to you. So then you can use it to find tokens. Talk to the guy selling pictures and get sunblock. Go to the edge of the beach and see a guy(sorta ugly) with Oily Suntan Lotion. Give the sunblock to him and recieve the Lotion. Then go to the Parking Lot place and go on top of the Cranium Shaker and get a trash can lid. Go to the trash can and let the bees sting you. You'll put the trash lid on. Then push the trash can to the cotton candy part (i'd love to have some). Take off the lid and the bees will fly to the candy. then dig in the trash for an empty popcorn bag. Click the popcorn cart and then go to the beach where a lady is sitting. Dump the popcorn on her beach towel. The seagulls will eat it and the lady will run away. Use the metal detector and find the car keys. Now go to the parking lot again and go to the lady. Use the car keys and she will give you flip-flops. Now go to the arcade and put on the flip-flops. Jump on the shops and get the frisbee. Give it to the fat crying kid below. He'll tell you that if you jiggle the handle of the claw game, you'll get a free game. Play it and get the fake vomit. Use it at the bumper cars. The kids will run away. You can get a turn and bump Rowley's red car until you get the lucky rabbit foot. Get some tokens now. You can play the games.

Himalayan Hurl:

It's sort of boring.. if you have the rabbit foot you'll beat it. You just watch until the ball gets to the red hole.

Fastball Fury:

You throw the baseball. If you guess the speed you did on the third try right, you win. The trick is to try and get similar speeds each time, so it'll be easier.

Circus Soaker:

You just shoot the water into the hole in the clown's mouth. If you pop your balloon first, you will win. I think it's sort of hard...

Space Fling:

Just try to get a ring around the bottle. And don't throw the ring too hard. Once I got all the rings around a bottle. ;-)

Pirate Panic:

It's really really easy. You should be able to get it in one shot. You just throw the baseball in the middle and knock down all the bottles.

So when you win all the games, you'll get the jumbo prize! Trade it for the helicopter that the guy in front of the Cranium Shaker has. Then go to the Fun House. Rowley is stuck on the slide. Dummy! Use the Oily Suntan Lotion to get him out. He falls in the ball pit and Fregley's eyes emerge. His mom thanks you and gives you Fregley's leftover fish sticks. Blehh. Hang the fish sticks to the helicopter. Go to the beach and let the crab (at the seashore) get the fish sticks. Then go to the boardwalk arcade where the teenagers are playing with the twenty dollars. let the crab get the twenty dollars and it will get stuck. Go under the boardwalk and the teens will run away. the dollar will fall and Greg will catch it and give you the medal.


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