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  • First, drop down from your balloon and walk left to the police offiicers.
  • Talk to the officer on the left. When the chief is done talking, equip your flashlight and head inside the blocked up tunnel.
  • When you're inside, dodge the zombies unless you want your character to run screaming in the opposite direction. Head left and STOP at the oil truck. Pick up the keys and head left, dodging more zombies.
  • Once again, you have to stop. (last time, I promise) Stop at the greenish car and use the key.
  • Inside the car, click the button on the dashboard that says "LIGHTS" to clear up the zombies in front. Then, get out of the car and pull the lever near the back of the car to lower the lights and banish the zombies. Head left to the exit.then you suck the owner of the fruit shaakes pinus

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