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Go to the himilayas and climb to the top of the mountain and enter the building, talk to the man way to the right and he will give you a lantern. Next, go to loch ness and go into the pub, And grab the matches on the bar. next Go to Puerto Rico, and drive the jeep to the location on the top right of your map. then go all the way to the left and climb up the hill and grab the bolt cutters.

Next go to new jersey, and use the bolt cutters to open the dumpster. Now go into the dumpster and dig through the trash until you find the old bathroom stall door.

Next go into the bathroom, then go into your backpack and select the stall door you just found.

now you will have the directions to get to the jersey devils hideout.(NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO MEMORIZE THESE! They are automatically put on a piece of paper and you can see it while you're driving)

Next, exit the bathroom and go to your right, click on the motorcycle and now follow the directions on the piece of paper on the top right of your screen.

now light your lantern with the matches, and enter the gate now go into the house and climb to the top floor, and grab the grappling hook.

Next exit the house, and use the graphling hook on the tree to the left of the house.

Now climb up the rope and grab the egg shells.

Now bring the egg shells back to mews and to the lab and test them

and you will find out they are the jersey devils eggs

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