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In the big boss game where you're running away from Mr. Silva, here are the steps to beat him: (1) You hide behind the items on the floor (like in Charlie Brown, when you're hiding from the beams of light with Snoopy. Great Pumpkin poptropicans know what I mean). The first up is the backpack. (2) You keep running left and hiding behind items until you get to the cabinet, or shelf, or whatever. You keep jumping up the shelf until you either hide behind the "last place science fair" trophy or jump onto the table and hide behind the microscope. (3) Once you get past the microscope, you hide behind the globe. The ball drops. (4) You jump onto the floor and hide behind some more items until you're ready to (5) jump onto the ball (from the globe), then jump onto the chair, then jump onto the table and hide behind the lunch box. (6) keep running and hiding behind items and running to your right until you get to the mirror. (7) hide behind the mirror and Mr. Silva will shoot himself with the mirror.

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