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    • UNUSUAL REPLY** "Wimpy Boardwalk"! So, when you first land on the island click Greg to talk to him. He will complain about the game- and OH NO! His money will blew away! It land's into the hand of a teenagers. The teenagers run off and so will Greg! Rowley will say that he would help but the older kids look really scary! So he asks you to help him. So now you go to the ride area (Which is Left) and climb the "Cranium Shaker". While your up there get the trash can lid. Near the bumpercars There is a trashcan. Put the lid on it. After that you want to push the trash can all the way over to the cotton candy. Take the lid off and the flies will go all over it! Then dig through the trash until you find a popcorn bag. Take it to the popcorn vendor and click on the popcorn machine for free popcorn. Now, Take it to the beach (Right) and dump it on the lady thats laying on the purple blanket. Talk to the guy whos selling pictures and he will give you some suntan lotion. Give it to the guy who is sitting on the edge of the beach he will give you his old one. Now go on the trash can and a seagull will fly buy carrying a key chain jump up and get it. Give it to the guy with the metal detector. He will give you his metal detector. Search for tokens and under the beach towel you will find car keys. Give it to the woman in the parking lot. She will give you flip flops. Now talk to the kid who is crying and use the flip flops to get on the roof and get the frisbee and give it to the kid he will tell u that if you jiggle the claw you will get a free game on the volcano claw game. Shake it and then keep picking up things. It will make you drop everything. It will let you have the fake vomit. Also there is a coin in the fun house. If you keep going back in coins keep reappering. There is also one on top of the funhouse. Save them. In the sand if u keep looking you can find coins. Usually around 5 are found if you really look and find all of them. Go play the games and make sure you win. The pirate one is easy and the first blue on is rigged. Save it for last. Talk to Greg by the himylayin hurl and then go to the parking lot. There is another coin u will probably need it if your out. Keep playin the games and finding coins untill u beat all of them. You need Rowleys help to beat the rigged one. Claim the prize and trade it to the dude with the rc helicopter. Then you need to go to the funhouse and use tanning oil to get Rowley unstuck from the slide. He will land on Fregley and his mom will give u fish sticks and the work as bait for the helicopter. then u go to the beach and use the fish sticks to catch the crab .now u use the crab to grab the money .u give gregs money back to him and u will get the island medal.

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