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The Loch Ness takes many steps. But hold in there! 1) You'll get to the island, go to the right to the guy under the bridge.

  His truck wont fit, click the tire and let all the air out of it.
  Then the man will give you an old camera.

2) Go to the Pub. Talk to the man by the dart board. He says you can have

  his row boat ticket if you beat him at darts. Play the game until you win
  and get the ticket.

3) After you get the ticket go to the rowboat on the far left, (where you

  first arrived), take the ride and when the guide takes you to where it
  seems like Nessie is in the water take a picture and go back.

4) Take the picture back to Mews. He will tell you the picture is simply

  3 tires. 

5) Go back to the Lochness and talk to the 2 men in the Pub. One of them has

  a ticket for the submarine but you have to beat him at darts. Play the
  darts game until you get the ticket.

6) Take the ticket to the guide and go down in the submarine. When your in

  the submarine go to the far left all the way to the bottom. There will be 
  a "Nessie", take a picture of it and take the picture back to the men.

7) The first man you played at darts will come back demanding a rematch. You

  have to beat him. He himself will not give you the reward he promises but 
  the bar tender will give you a Penny Whistle.

8) Take the Penny Whistle back to the rowboat and get on. Go all the way to

  the left as far as it will let you go. 

9) Blow the Penny Whistle and the REAL Nessie will appear. 10) Take a picture of the real Nessie and take it back to Mews.

Hope this helps. -Love Cassi<3