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1. Talk to greg.

2. Follow greg to his house.

3. Get address book, and journal note in the house.

4. Go out manny's bedroom window.

5. Follow footsteps on roof.

6. jump back onto the ground.

7. talk to Rowley about his rumble bike

8. go after manny on the rumble bike.

9. chase manny up tree, then jump down off school building

10. push the trashcan onto the edge of the see-saw

11. jump high onto tree by the see-saw, get combination note from tree.

12. jump from the tree onto the other side of see-saw to launch the trashcan to high ledge of the building.

13. jump up to where the trash can is, push it to the left until you get to the last window on the building, then jump onto trashcan to get into high window.

14. Once inside school chase manny downstairs.

15. When you stop go back to a locker underneath the word spirit use the combination to the locker to open it, get twisted wizard game guild.

16. go out the school, then pick up a carrot on the ground.

17. then go use carrot on snowman that is already built, NOT the one melting on the ground by the boy

18. then go back to gregs house, you will try to give greg the game guide but it says examine so you can't give it to him, you have to play the game for him. Click on tv, then click wizard to set the game on easymode, then click start.

19. to play build a wall around the wizard and try to get a wall behind him and around him to block the monsters from getting the wizard. When you see monsters, you zap them as fast as you can before they get to the wizard. You have to win 3 rounds. After you win. Greg will get up and say thanks for helping me with the game, then he gives you the game.

20. After you get the game from greg, return it to rowley at rowleys house

21. rowley will be inside the house looking out the window

22. go jump onto the car in the driveway to make the car alarm go off, then jump back to the bushes by the front door then hide real quick before dad gets back and catches you, when dad comes out of the house, you sneak inside real quick

23. then you give rowley rumble bike and twisted wizard game, then he gives you a Joshie Fan Club card.

24. Go back to gregs house, use the Joshie Fan club card inside gregs house at the far door to the left.

25. click to examine the small box in that room, click the switch to rodricks room

26. that will turn off his music then rodrick comes out of his room.

27. go inside rodricks room get dog dish.

28. then go outside, the van will be gone that was infront of the garage

29. go inside the garage, get the leafblower

30. to leave the garage click the bottom of the screen to exit the garage

31. find the snowman you gave the carrot to.

32. use the leafblower on the snowman and get the troll bingo blotter

33. then go all the way back to the wirley kids throwing snowballs

34. get the shovel on that screen

35. then go all the way back to the beginning screen at the house

36. go inside house talk to grandma

37. play game and use the shovel to shovel snow off of driveway

38. after you win, watch grandma leave for bingo

39. then leave and go to the leisure towers building

40. once your there climb on top of the building windows until to get to the top window.

41. once you get to the window 33c go inside, talk to grandpa

42. play salad game, to play the salad game hold the mouse with one hand make sure its pointing on the cheeks. then with other hand fast click the mouse with 3 or 2 fingers to help you win, try standing up when you do that game it may help fast click until you win.

43. once you win you will see manny

44. leave grandpas room, go to elevator click the L to go to the bottom

45. then you can go into the early bird bingo room after you get out of elevator.

46. walk into bingo room to grandma

48. then talk to lady behind her

49. use the troll blotter

50. to play bingo watch the top number that rolls aross the screen.

51. go to the last 2 cards and use the troll feet to stamp the last 2 cards when you see the numbers on those cards, you must get 5 numbers in a row on a card to win.

52. once you win you get a music cd

53. take the music to the Fast Mart

54. use the music cd inside the store in the radio, then turn the radio to MAX it will turn the radio loud to scare away the teenager kids.

55. after the teenagers leave talk to the manager of the store

56. you get free No Freeze Liquid.

57. leave the store and find a man with his snowplow truck, talk to him

58. use the No Freeze Liquid.

59. to win the game you just pour the blue stuff into the dog dish and the cup. Just keep pouring into different things until you get 4 in bottle, 3 in dog dish, and 3 in cup, after you win leave the store and let the man drink his coffee.

60. Go back to gregs house talk to greg

61. greg will be playing on his game again

62. open the curtains behind greg to get him off the game

63. greg gets up says mannys is looking for his tingy

64. go to laundry mat, go inside talk to manny

65. greg comes in and says good you found him

66. watch screen, help greg push snowball

67. watch win

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