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1.OK - first get the top of the Comic page from the guy at Klassic Komix. (He's wearing a tan shirt.) Collect the 8 missing pieces from around the island : there's two in the school, one atop the school by the cement scaffold, one at the top of the lighthouse, one above the playground, one in the Pop-In shop, one in the photo place, and one on the electric poles (right side of the wire). Assemble the comic strip and get the locker code. (9305) Bring the strip to the comic store guy and he'll give you some gum. 2.Next, go to the school science lab and turn on the bunser burner to level 3 and mix (only) the blue and yellow chemicals. It'll create a stink bomb. Go to Nate's locker and open it with the code from the comic. Click on the pile to get the blueprints that you need to open the filing cabinet. Go out into the hallway and chew the gum. You'll be taken inside the detention room where you set off the stink bomb. Click on the filing cabinet once the teacher has left, and go down the secret ladder. Find the light switch (it's down and to your left and says "power"-a little hand will appear). Hanging from the ceiling will be a clapper that's missing from the school's bell on the roof. 3.Go back to the lighthouse and catch the photograph blowing in the wind on the left side. Bring it to the photo shop and the man there will give you scuba gear in exchange for it. Go back to the lighthouse, put on the scuba gear, go into the water, and click where it says "Dive." Go to the very bottom towards the right of the screen (there will be a long rope and then you'll know where to go) and get the lobster trap for the old sailor standing on the dock. He will give you a lobster and the key to the jet ski. Climb to the top of the lighthouse and use the lobster to turn the light toward the school. The seagull will go away and you can fix the bell with the clapper. 4.Go to the school, fix the bell, and ring it. This will make the girls in the playground leave. 5.Then go back to the top of the lighthouse and look through the telescope. To the right is an island with seals and a map. Take the old sailor's jet ski keys and race Nate to the island. Push both of the seals to the left side of the seesaw rock. Then you grab the map. 6.In the "Kids Only" house on top of the playground, challenge Nate to a game of Hangman. Once you win, he'll give you some peanut butter crackers. Place a cracker on the playground where the schoolgirls were. The lost dog will dig up the capsule, then you just pull it out and click on the brass fastener.