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Where do i find the blue tulip in wild west?

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You go to Rock Ridge and go past hte R.J magician's workshop. There is steps that are like a ladder and you go up those until you reach the top where you will get to the train station. Go to the left where you will find a canary with a key around it's neck. (You need the pea shooter for this.)Click on the canary and you will shoot the key off. Take the key and go all the way to the right where you will find a mine entrance with a sign that says "Mine, Not Yours". Go in your inventory and use the key to open the mine entrance. Once you get in the mine go straight and jump in the cart which will then escort you through the mine and you will have to use the pea shooter to shoot the red circles and it will turn green ( there are multiple of these things.) Once you are done with that there will be rocks and keep going up until you find the rare blue tulip.

                                                    Done by,
                                                         Annabelle Bothem

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