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It is actually a blotter but here is how you find it:


1. Push the trash can on to the left side of the see-saw 2. Jump on the right side and it will land on the roof 3. Push it further left to reach the window and enter the school 4. Manny will run downstairs, follow him 5. When you reach him he will run outside 6. Stop at the lockers down there 7. Run your mouse along them until you find one that you can click 8. Open it with the locker combination: 9, 37, 15 9. Collect the the handbook for the Wizards game and head back to Greg's house

Surrey Street:

1. Go into Greg's house and give him the handbook 2. Wait a second and he will defeat the video game 3. He will hand you a CD to take to Rowley's house 4. Jump on the Rowley's car and his dad will come 5. Hide behind the bushes and sneek inside 6. Talk to Rowley and give him his CD back 7. Rowley will give you his Joshie membership card 8. Use it to open the closet door at Gref's house 9. Press the panel on the wall to turn the power off in Rodrick's room 10. Now you can go in there 11. Take the dog bowl and head back outside 12. The van is gone and now you can go in the garage 13. In the garage get the leaf blower 14. Go to the snowman (Fregley) and use the leaf blower to get rid of the snow 15. To thank you he will give you a troll blotter

That is how you get the blotter for bingo at Leisure tower

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